Gospel, Planting and City Resources

One of my hopes for this space is to serve those that are looking to grow in one or more of the following areas: 

#1 Understanding of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus and its relevance to every corner of our lives. The implications of the cross extend into the nitty gritty of our present and future.

#2 The practicalities, challenges and glories of local church planting. (e.g. resources, lessons learned, mistakes to avoid, best practices, interviews and more)

#3 The ins-and-outs of urban ministry. (e.g. cost-of-living, mobility, housing, family life, mission, apologetics, and more)

As such, I have set-up three individual pages that deal with these issues, in particular. On them you will find recommended reading, helpful links and documents I've written/adapted as we've planted (e.g. vision prospectus, launch community training, community lead application and more). You can view those pages via the menu bar above.

Two Requests

First, if you utilize any of the documentation from the "Planting" page please send me any improvements you make. It'd be great for us to learn from one another in that way.

Secondly, please let me know if you have any particular questions, topics or issues which you'd like me to address in this setting. You can contact me directly through any of the usual social media outlets or via the comments below.

I'm looking forward to ongoing dialogue and sharpening for God's glory and good of many.