Torrance on the importance of Jesus' humanity (amidst his divinity)

The very humanity of Jesus Christ makes salvation possible, for here in the man Jesus, God comes alongside us as another man and within our historical existence with its temporal relations, choices, and decisions, He acts there upon us personally through word and love, through challenge and decision. God does not come to manipulate man, but to save him personally in personal reconciliation with the Father, and so He confronts man in such a way, that while He judges sin and exposes man’s heart with all its evil, He forgives him and draws out his heart in surrender and love to Himself. And yet in all that, God has come to be one with man, and to act from within man, and as man to yield to the Father in obedience of a true and faithful Son, and so to lay hold of God for us from the inside of man. It is within that union of the Son to the Father that the sinner is drawn, and given to is the action of God as Man in Christ which delivers man from himself and draws him out in surrender to God.
— TF Torrance, The Hypostatic Union