Spurgeon on the type of men Jesus deserves to preach his gospel

Yes, I see; you have failed in everything else, and therefore you think the Lord has especially endowed you for His service; but I fear you have forgotten that the ministry needs the very best men, and not those who cannot do anything else.” A man who would succeed as a preacher would probably do right well either as a grocer, or a lawyer, or anything else. A really valuable minister would have excelled at anything. There is scarcely anything impossible to a man who can keep a congregation together for years, and be the means of edifying them for hundreds of consecutive Sabbaths; he must be possessed of some abilities, and be by no means a fool or never-do-well. Jesus Christ deserves the best men to preach His cross, and not the empty-headed and the shiftless.
— Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students, 37-38