One idea to kick-start your prayer life

Everyone needs to reinvigorate their prayer life from time to time. When I sense a need for a fresh injection of vigor into my ongoing conversation with God, I find the most helpful practice is to revisit the names, characteristics, and attributes of the One to whom I am praying. There is a reason that Jesus begins his famous prayer with the phrase "Our Father". It is deceivingly easy to subtly slip into focusing more on what we are praying about than who we are praying to. When my prayer life wains, it is often because I have become more enamored with the results (or lack thereof) of prayer rather than the Receiver of my prayers. There is a selfish inertia within our souls that wants to make our prayers about us. Its no wonder we so often struggle with prayer. 

So, to counteract this tendency, I designate time as I begin to pray to reflect on who God is, what he is like, what he has done, and all that he is for me in Jesus Christ. I find it helpful to work through a list similar to the one below as I simply forget the full spectrum of his infinite excellencies. At times I'll walk through the entire list and, at other times, I'll focus on just one characteristic and attribute. Take your time with it. Consider the implications each of these massive truths should bring about in your life, let alone in your prayer life. Anchor yourself in the living God by reminding yourself of all that he is for you in Jesus Christ - and, not surprisingly, you'll want to pray.

Gracious, adoptive Father
Victorious, rescuing King
Steady, ever-present Good Shepherd
Strong, unwavering Cornerstone
All-wise, all-loving, all-merciful, all-gracious
All-sufficient, all-satisfying, all-faithful
Life-giver, shame-destroyer, sin-forgiver, righteousness-giver
Holy-other, perfectly just
Infinite, eternal, forever
Sovereign, in control, ready to help and near
In all places, at al times, knowing all things
Reality and life itself

What else would you add?