In our hearts we are always actively worshiping, trusting, desiring, following, loving, or serving something or somebody. When Scripture speaks of the heart, it typically is emphasizing that we live before God, in all things and at all times…the heart will eventually reveal itself in word and deed (Luke 6:43-45)…our emotions are also, more often than not, animated by the orientation of our hearts. When our worship is true, we experience joy, peace, love, and hope, even in difficult situations. When our worship is false, and the things we desire are unattainable or impotent, we can be grieved, bitter, depressed, angry or fearful. Our emotions usually mean something, and it is wise to ask, ‘What are my emotions saying?’ ‘What are they pointing to?’
— Ed Welch, Addictions: A Banquet in the Grace, 129-130 (quoted by Tim Chester, You Can Change, 77)