Quick Reviews Coming

Quick Book/Article Reviews.
I’ve prayerfully decided to begin writing quick reviews of the majority of books and articles that I read (and some that I have read in the past). I do so cautiously for a number of reasons. First, I am very aware that the context of life can quickly change and what may seem like a good idea in a moment of time is not later. Even more, as a church planter time is at a premium. Second, there are many others who are reviewing books in ways that are (undoubtedly) more thorough, insightful and profound. Third, this is not a top priority so inevitably my practice of this may not be consistent.

So, why do it at all?
However, with that said, I still find sufficient reason to move forward with it. First, I am a voracious reader and can easily fall into the mindless trap of reading-to-read without allowing appropriate time for reflection and processing. My hope is that this will help me solidify and synthesize what I’m reading. I don’t have a photographic memory and can use all the help I can get. Second, I hope to serve others in some form by providing quick reviews and some guidance amidst the many 1,000s of new titles that are made available annually (not to mention all that have gone before us). Third, few have time to regularly read lengthy book reviews but there seems to be considerable room for reviews that are short, concise, and helpful. That’s my aim. With that, let’s see how this goes. You can catch my first HERE.

“Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” Ecc 12:12