Alki Baptisms: Revisiting God’s Grace

On Monday, August 24th, we held our annual ‘Summer Beach Baptism & BBQ’ down at Alki Beach. God was at work, through tons of volunteers serving and the church body enjoying community and delicious food. DJ Sandman was out there giving us the freshest beats and we had the privilege to hear three testimonies of God’s grace within our church body.


The BBQ and baptisms brought upwards of 250+ people to Alki, giving Mars Hill Church a true opportunity to engage in authentic, redeemed community. After the testimonies were shared and the food was devoured, we then proceeded to the water to begin the baptisms. The Pastors called anyone who had placed their trust in Jesus and had not been baptized before to come be baptized. As the baptisms began, we got the unique opportunity to watch and experience God’s grace. Twenty people were baptized at Alki that evening, showing forth their dependence on, and trust in Jesus for the payment and forgiveness for all their sins. We rejoice with those who rejoice and thank Jesus for his kindness and in saving and redeeming his people for his glory!

Praise God for His Faithfulness!

Watch Below, or click Here to view more pictures that were taken of that evening.

HT: Mars Hill West Seattle