All the way from Syria to Rome I am fighting with the wild animals on land and sea, by night and day, fettered to ten leopards - a squad of soldiers - whom kindness makes even worse. Their disgraceful conduct makes me still more a disciple, but that does not justify me. May it be for my good that the wild animals are ready for me: I pray that I may find them prompt. I shall coax them to devour me promptly, unlike some whom they have been afraid to touch; if they are unwilling and refuse, I will compel them to do it. Pardon me: I know what is best for me, and now I am beginning to be a disciple. May nothing seen or unseen grudge my attaining to Jesus Christ! Let fire and cross, encounters with wild animals, tearing apart of bones, hacking of limbs, crushing of the whole body, tortures of the devil come upon me, if only I may attain to Jesus Christ!
— Ignatius, Romans, 5 (Context: Ignatius writing on discipleship and his upcoming martyrdom as he travels to Rome to be devoured by wild animals. A bit different than modern-day discipleship training. I’ll be thinking on this for some time.)